A Flavor for Mobility

| May 19, 2010

Mobility as a characteristic of learning environments is something that has become increasingly relevant on a personal note with some research I am involved in and it is also proving to be a current focal point for innovation. The bounds for the kinds of interactions that handheld, or mobile devices offer is currently growing in new and exciting ways. I wanted to share a tool I found for the PSP a popular hand held game platform that is adapting to this trend to have additional potentials.

  • Second sight: PSP ConnectED
    Is a new technology aimed at education sectors and works with traditional printed content to trigger audio, video and interactive 3D images.

    Second Sight would enable teachers to blend the use of their established text books, display materials and audio visual content in a way that has not been easy to deploy in the classroom before. Second Sight comprises a PC based content creation suite and a Second Sight viewer application for the SONY PSP.

  • Top Sites
    In addition as I do not want to overload this post with many of the different kinds of handhelds and ways that they are used, the following provides useful links to places that are interested in handheld devices and their potentials to learning.Top 50 mobile learning sites