Adaptive Learning Tools

| May 18, 2010

In my search of adaptive learning products I came across the following two products that are of interest.
Technology and Learning Magazine cited both the the Active3000 series and SmartHelp by Apangea Learning as recipients of their award of excellence last year. These two products are marketed as ‘differentiated instruction’ technology for students through tutoring.

Below are the linked products followed by a few basic introductory points. I have also included a quick bulleted section of some features of adaptation so you can have some insight into what our team is aiming for in finding in a product we can purchase. But realize we are also open to suggestions so feel free to share your opinions.

I hope that you will take a minute to look at each of the tools websites and pick which one you prefer.

Features of Adaptation

User control, customization and feedback
Multiple representations of information (CAST, principle)
Alternative means of expression (CAST, principle)
Access to information (CAST, principle)
Achieve3000: TeenBiz

TeenBiz is a Literacy Program for students in grades 6-12
TeenBiz (one of the 4 programs of the Achieve3000 Series) is a web based instruction tool that uses differentiated reading and writing assignments based on each student’s actual Lexile level
Applicable to the entire student population – mainstream, special education, Title I and ELL students
Differentiated assignments and formative assessments
Uses the model Assess, Individualize, Re assess, Report
Apangea Learning: SmartHelp, Learning Math

A web based math tutoring program for students
Main features include: Skills based problem solving strategies, a practice zone, rewards for motivation, multi-lingual support, progress reports and content customizable to state standards
Uses a level model, Level 1= Automated Learning Coach, Level 2= Live Problem Tutor, Level 3= Concept Teacher
Looking forward to your votes….