Common Craft Videos For Ed

| May 19, 2010

Common Craft, where the product is explanation delivered in short animated videos, have unsurprisingly acquired a following of educators that are putting their videos to use. The following results are of a case study published byCommon Craft, around how one school district, containing 30 schools that serve over 16,000 students, 1200 teachers and 2100 total staff is using these videos.

Who is the target audience for the videos? How do they react to them?

Our target is wide range – staff and students. The primary target would be our 6th grade course. The initial videos – blogs & wikis – are not used too much anymore due to our spectacular trainings (haha). Every time they are shown – the staff and students really enjoy them and certainly meets their need of learning without all the techno-garble.

What problem do the videos solve?

They really help solve that introduction and defining “the what is this thing” in clear and simple to understand terms. Too often us ‘techies’ get too confusing so this allows them to watch and learn in a non-intimidating manner (with a good chuckle or two). Since we have them in our LMS, they can review them anytime they need.

How are the videos displayed or shared? Intranet? LMS? DVD? etc.

Primarily our LMS – Moodle at this point. We are looking to move to Angel (budget willing).

What would you say to other schools and school districts about getting the most from Common Craft videos?

These videos are a great for delivering introductory explanations to new technologies in a clear and easy to understand way. I would not say “simple” – because that would imply the lack of content. Each video is full valuable information presented in a fun and engaging way. Students really like that ‘old school’ animation and gets them thinking on ways they can use those same techniques in their own introductory film-making. ‘Experienced’ staff members like them because they are not confused with all of the techno-garble and confusing terminology.