Game Bucket

| May 18, 2010

A new application that connects New York State standards with games?

Earlier this month the Institute of Play announced the release of the Game Bucket, an online tool that maps New York state learning standards to a library of digital and non-digital games. This project aims to provide educators, students and parents with a selection of games that can be played in support of specific curricular goals.

Game Bucket does not claim that a particular game will teach a particular set of skills. Rather,it proposes that when used in concert with regular coursework, the games included in the database have the potential to provide new perspectives and deepen current understandings of educational concepts and standards.

Game Bucket is an open tool that enables registered users to add new games as well as annotate the pre-existing games in the database. If you are interested in opening an account and starting to fill the game bucket with your favorite games, send an email to