Game Jam at TC

| May 18, 2010

Anyone interested in a weekend of creating games with both professional and amateur game designers?

For the first time TC is hosting an event at the end of January called Global Game Jam – which is part of the larger Global Game Jam project. TC’s event will be part of the epic 48-hour event and in the end each group will have produced a video game! This intense combination of innovation, design, experimentation and creativity simultaneously takes place in 15 participating countries around the world.

If interested you must register individually, once you are at the event small teams are made and each group will be constrained by the same rules and limitations. For a complete set of the rules and regulations click here.

TC’s Game Jam kicks off at 3 pm January 30 2009 and ends at 5pm on February 1 2009.

It sounds like it could be a promising edlab bonding experience?