Grading with Games

| May 18, 2010

In response to our recent session on the future projects of edlab along with some of my own research and interest I found this great interview with Arizona State Professor, and games enthusiast James Paul Gee on one of my favorite education sites called edutopia (George Lucas’ education site) .

The entire interview is 11 minutes, so here are some of Gee’s main claims as food for thought;

  • Standard skills are not good enough to survive in a developed country people need creativity and innovation.
  • “The form of schooling we engage in now basically privileges those who know a lot of facts but can’t solve problems with them, is on its last legs, it will not be an economically prosperous form of schooling for us.”
  • Future schooling is… “Schooling that stresses the ability to solve problems collaboratively… you work in a group in which the group is smarter than the smartest person in it… and also you can innovate with the tools you’ve learned and not just do standard solutions to problems, that is where we are going.”
  • People learn a lot with some one else, going through the process together, so it’s a good thing if teacher’s are not experts, they learn with the students.
  • “Video games put you in worlds where you have to solve problems, you are being assessed each moment you make decisions…. Games don’t separate learning and assessment they give you feed back on the learning curve you are on…..Gaming is part of the solution in getting students to learn knowledge not just as facts but knowledge as something you produce and in modern world you produce collaboratively.”
  • “Kids want to produce instead of just consume.” (ie-Boom Blox: Steven Spielberg’s game)
  • “Kids want to participate in communities- kids can organize into groups faster than ever before, creating ‘passion communities’.”