Innovating Gestures

| May 19, 2010

I found an interesting articled featured in Fast Companythat asks ‘How Will We Learn to Use the Multi-Touch Interfaces of the Future?’ This question is a consideration for any current developer but also personally resonates with work I am involved in that uses breath expiration as a input gesture for a mobile device.

So far we exist in a relatively simple and seamless realm having simple usability gestures– the iPhone actually recognizes: pinch and zoom, drag and scroll, tap and select. While these current technologies harness the multi-touch interface capabilities in a fairly intuitive manner they cannot escape communicating how to use such features. Libraries such as Gestureconshave arisen out of the need to simply communicate how to use these features.

But when you consider potentials of where gestures and interface capabilities can go you can bet that the multi-touch surfaces will take on more complex manifestations which will also involve an entirely new grammar of movement that will need to be communicated. As a graphic designer, such new innovations could pose formidable challenges and/or as the article calls for: a Harry Beck of the 21st century.