| April 22, 2010

Lit: A Mobile Game for Smoking Behavior Change Needs YOU!

As apart of a research project that I have been involved in since last spring, Lit: A Mobile Intervention For Nicotine Smokers, we are now recruiting people and that could involve you!
The project aims to design a mobile game as an alternative strategy to cigarettes and currently in our recruiting phase, we are in need of participants for both the principle study as well as game playtesters. Please, have a look at the details of the project as well as the potential roles you could play to be involved and be in touch.

The project grew out of a proposal from the advanced game design class here at Teachers College. The project group, Nisha Alex, Azadeh Jamalian, Pazit Levitan and myself, with the help of Dr. Kinzer, Jessica Hammer and Rosanna Lopez wrote and were awarded a grant for the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Games for Health Research initiative. A short summary of the project that was released is featured below as well as a few examples of some press around the project thus far.

Lit: A Game Intervention for Nicotine Smokers—develops and evaluates a smoking reduction game delivered on a mobile phone. The game is intended to be an alternative to smoking with the goal of reducing or eliminating tobacco use in players’ lives. The game involves breathing into a microphone to control gameplay and is coupled with sound, color, images, challenges and feedback to mimic the stimulant and relaxant effects of smoking. The game is designed with two modes of play (“Rush” and “Relax”). These will be tested for their stimulant and relaxation effects through emotional response and physiological (EEG, heart rate & galvanic skin response) measures, and compared to subjects after smoking or after playing the game in lieu of smoking. If successful, the game will emulate the effects of smoking as a replacement therapy for smokers who want to quit. (Robert Wood Johnson Press release, 2009)

Additional press coverage:
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There are a couple ways YOU can contribute.
A) If you are a smoker who WANTS to quit, please JOIN our principle study and be apart of this innovative research. If you meet the following requirements see our email address below or please talk with me.

Participation in the study would require:
• A cigarette smoker that wants to quit/reduce smoking.
• 20 to 39 years old and in good health with normal vision and hearing and no neurological problems.
• Willing to commit 4 hours of time to complete questionnaires,engage in EEG testing, skin conductance and heart rate measurements before, during and after smoking or game-play.
• Living in the NYC area and able to come to Teachers College for the study.

B) If you aren’t a smoker but are interested in games/gameplay and would be willing to participate in some preliminary play testing of the two modes of the game send us an email or talk to me directly.

AND please if you know anyone who may be interested or could benefit from participating in this work please spread the word and put them in touch with the project team at,

We will also be at the Tech Demo Day happening today at TC from 1-4pm in HM234 with our first digital prototype.