MTA vs Mobile Apps

| May 19, 2010

Recently there has been accounts of the New York City transit system fighting for royalties of mobile applications developed using ‘free’ public transportation information. I came accross an article from one such developer, Chris Schoenfeld, who is currently fighting against the MTA’s claim for fees.

His application called StationStops uses the MTA’s schedule for Metro North trains and provides the dynamic schedule without internet connection in an iphone application selling for $2.99. In response to the hassle from the MTA, this developer has found a loop hole that coincides with the‘Big Apps’ initiative. This project is Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for a series of technology initiatives designed to increase transparency and improve access to information about City services. The initiative seeks to put all public service data online for developers to create mobile applications for for free! NYC is also giving an AWARD to the developer who creates the best Mobile Application from the city data! This article also says that Mr. Bloomberg will take the grand prize-winner out to dinner.

So for current developers and existing ones that would like to participate in the‘Big Apps’ program download and submitt this form. On Chris’ website he provided his letter and encourages others, in similar situations to his, to use it as an example. Deadline is Sept. 1st.