Schools on Facebook

| May 19, 2010

With nearly 100% of college-aged people now “living” on Facebook, colleges and universities have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with their prospective and current students in one place
– Facebook.

Adopting the strategy to meet students where they are, a start up company called Inigral, has developed Schools on Facebook. It provides examples of how to build an app on an existing social networking platform that allows institutions and students to centralize and integrate a variety of activities.

Rather than course management, Schools on Facebook fosters an online community where prospective and current students, faculty and alumni share information and have discussions between people in the same courses, dorms and organizations; receive notifications; share class schedules; interact with professors without showing their profiles; find other students near their location; see upcoming events on campus; and get in touch with alumni. Users can also become fans of dorms, majors, departments, each of which has a unique fan page within the app with accompanying photos.

Inigral now hosts 11 educational institution affiliations and a total of three that are currently active — Abilene Christian University (ASU), Arizona State University and Columbia College Chicago. Abilene went live in 2008, and ASU and Columbia started in 2009.

Visit here and join for the next webinar on Enhancing Facebook to achieve institution-wide goals. TODAY: Friday, March 5, 2010 at 1pm EST.

This project may be very relevant to our work at the EdLab as it aims to harness social networking for higher education purposes and those working on such projects may want to check this out.