Virtual Classroom Redesign

| May 19, 2010

Adding to the debate of the schools of the future and specifically, how to (re)design classroom spaces I found this article about the application of virtual worlds toward school and classroom design. It offers the ability for teachers and students to ‘test’ out the spaces before they are actually built by being immersed as an avatar in the virtual space. This application offers a nice option to the prototype phase in the design process to get useful feedback from those who will experience the space the most.

Sylvia McNamara, Director of Education, Birmingham City Council says: “LEVROS is an innovative change management tool that gives our key stakeholders – students, school leaders, governing bodies and the local community – the opportunity to creatively engage with design concepts throughout the transformation process and explore the full potential of their schools.”

For further comments of those involved in the project visit Archi-Me.