Win $25,000 Creating a Facebook Learning App!

| May 19, 2010

A non-profit organization called Hidden Agenda has started another round of a development competition of creating online facebook games for learning.

Win $25K in cold hard cash by creating a better way to teach a high school subject – on Facebook! Get creative. Blow away the competition! The best example of fun and effective “social learning” gets the juicy prize.

As mentioned, this is the second iteration of this competition and some things have changed since the first round. This time the applications will focus on high school students as the target audience and will be inspired by one particular school subject. Discussions are already underway on the Hidden Agenda wallvoicing what subjects people want to see in the competition. Another detail change includes a fluid form of the experience, explicitly stating that the definition of a “game” has changed to mean anything you want to build ON FACEBOOK that fosters interactive learning. Despite these minor modifications the main thing that has remained true to this competition is the call to ask for teams of full time college and grad students to create a unique, fabulous, and undeniably fun way for kids to learn. This design perspective to place fun at the heart of learning is a staple within the Hidden Agenda philosophy.

As a number of us on the D&R team are involved in creating content and envisioning learning experiences for the Teaching and Learning Network I thought this competition could help in brainstorming alternative ways to think of online learning experiences. It also relates to some of the issues we discussed in the trial run for the Educause session, so what kind of online experience would we create? I think it presents an opportunity, if people are interested, to try and test some of our ideas about the forms of online learning in a way that could also have some profitable outcomes!!

Anyone else inspired? Want to give it a go?

For more details on the competition click here, or to view past created games visit Hidden Agenda Games.