Winkball ;)

| May 19, 2010

Do you want a new reason to wink at someone? A project called Winkball has re-purposed the classic eye wink in a way that could have some interesting applications.

The new set of video tools created by Winkball offers a forum to communicate easier using video. Specifically, the Winkball wall features fields of short fields of short video-accounts posted for exploring events from numerous perspectives. It seems this tool could have some promising potentials for education as a dynamic way to capture teachers and young people’s multi-faceted accounts of single events and outings. Other academic applications could include using it as a tool for student expression, or communication between students across the world. It could be a sidekick for teaching if you want to use it to demonstrate procedures to students. These are just a few examples of ways it could be used, and you can learn more by clicking here to see what else the Winkball team imagines for its educational uses. I am also curious about using it as a research tool, it seems like it could also have potentials here. I think it is encouraging that the use of video is becoming such an easy and accessible thing.

Conveniently, Winkball is free and so you can start winking at people as soon as you choose, just visit here to get started.

An elevator pitch from a Winkball team member….