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Recap: Adaptive Learning Seminar 

During last week's seminar, Dr. Gary Natriello presented work on adaptive learning opportunities. He presented a model of processes and interactions that can lead to adaptive learning opportunities and within the model, seven major areas that provide perspectives for these adaptive learning opportunities emerged. The work is part of an effort to explore the landscape …

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Play Test: The Binary Game 

This is the final game that will be posted in preparation for the seminar this week. It's called 'The Binary Game'. The game is created by Cisco systems, a company founded by Stanford graduates that is leading the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. The game is based on the binary numbering system which is …

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Play Test: Physics Drawing Games 

This week in preparation for the upcoming seminar on Game Design on March 4th, members of EdLab's Development & Research group who are working on games research will be posting some online free games for you to play. This will allow the audience at the seminar to have some similar play experiences that we can …

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