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Mobile Trends for Libraries 

This expansive presentation is a starting point to understand what other libraries have done to go mobile  and to consider future development in this direction.  Meredith Farkas' does a great job of exposing how mobile technologies exist in relation to libraries and how they may contribute to future library service development. It covers general information of …

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A Flavor for Mobility 

Mobility as a characteristic of learning environments is something that has become increasingly relevant on a personal note with some research I am involved in and it is also proving to be a current focal point for innovation. The bounds for the kinds of interactions that handheld, or mobile devices offer is currently growing in …

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MTA vs Mobile Apps 

Recently there has been accounts of the New York City transit system fighting for royalties of mobile applications developed using 'free' public transportation information. I came accross an article from one such developer, Chris Schoenfeld, who is currently fighting against the MTA's claim for fees. His application called StationStops uses the MTA's schedule for Metro …

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