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NARST News III: Inquiry 

More highlights from the sessions I have been attending included design based research in science education and developing inquiry-based curriculum materials. The strand around design based research featured a collaborative National Science Foundation grant funded project with the University of Michigan. They are designing an inquiry science environment based on CAST's Universal Design principles. This …

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NARST News II: Virtual Worlds for Learning Science 

Today, I attended a session featuring Chris Dede, Yasmin Kafai and Melissa Gresalfi in which they discussed their current work related to science education as well as provided an overview of where such technologies have come from and the current landscape.� Gresalfi presented on behalf of the Quest Atlantis (QA) group and discussed the design …

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NARST News I: Supercharged for Pre-service Teachers 

Today I am blogging from the National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) conference in Philadelphia. I am at a presentation by Janice Anderson and Mike Barnett which deals with a pre service teacher experience to develop physics content knowledge using the game Supercharged! So the pre service teachers are acting as students learning …

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